Wave to Unlock and Lock [Premium]

Wave to Unlock and Lock [Premium]


Wave Lock (Wave to Unlock) is the app useproximity sensor to lock and unlock screen by way wave your handover the proximity sensor. Protect power button on your phone.

✔ If you can unlock, please open settings and enable “Fix Unlock”function to retry
✔ When wave lock not working maybe wave lock service is killed bySystem or Clean Master app. Please try to check power manager onyour device I think can it set app in list power save this can make app not run stable

✔ On Xiaomi device. Please try to do the following tip tomake app run stable:
1. Open app
2. Open recent task
3. Drag and drop wave lock icon to bottom when wave lock icon will appear with icon lock

[Feature] ✔ Support multiple languages (English, Vietnamese, Swedish, Spanish, Russian, Greek, Italian, Polish, German)
✔ Wave hands over proximity sensor to lock and unlock screen
✔ In pocket(Do not turn on screen when to put your phone inpocket)
✔ Easy pause and play app via notification center.
✔ Disable in Landscape to avoid lock screen when playing game orwatching video
✔ Allow set sensitivity for proximity sensor
✔ Set time delay before lock screen

Press button “UNINSTALL” in the app. Or you have to go to”Settings—>Security—>Device administrators” to unchecked WaveLock administrator policy and after uninstalling Wave Lock app sameas normal way .

Wave Lock (Wave to Unlock) app free and every easy use. When touse app if you issue any error, please feedback for me
Setup and enjoy!!!

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