File Recovery - Recover Deleted Files

File Recovery - Recover Deleted Files


🏆 File Recovery is application will help to recover deleted photo, recover deleted video, recovery deleted audio.
With this File recovery tool, you get the chance to recover and restore all your lost files in a matter of seconds. Without the need to root your mobile, all you need to do is scan your device to discover and recover lost file of your choice.
🎖 Why should you use File Recovery - Recover Deleted Files Photo Video?
Use File Recovery - Recover Deleted Files Photo Video without root-Restore file an amazing File recovery android app to recover and Recover Deleted Files your lost or deleted file.

⭐️ How to use File Recovery - Recover Deleted Files?
Simple and useful File Recovery - Recover Deleted Files. Just open the Photo Recovery app and wait for the app to scan the entire image, then select the deleted image to restore and click restore - it will appear right on your device's gallery.

🏅 Safe and Easy to use an app to Recover Deleted Photos, Recover Deleted Video, Recover Deleted Audio
🏅 No need to root your phone, File recovery no root
🏅Recover and Restore lost or deleted File
🏅 Complete deep scanning of your device
🏅 Restore photos from your internal memory and SD card
🏅 Highly secure and safe data recovery
🏅 Just with a tap scan your device
🏅 Free File recovery tool for download

Additional Information:

App Name Info
Current Version: 1.0
App Size: 6.23MB