Android Tutorial Myanmar

Android Tutorial Myanmar


Android Development Tutorial provides complete guide for learning android application development. The largest collection of free code learning content, from beginner to pro! This android development tutorial designed specifically from beginners to pro who want to start their career in android application development but don't know how to start, from where to start. You can learn android easily if you have basic knowledge of java programming

Below are the topics that contains in the app :
Android Tutorials:
In this section contains syllabus, users can find the theoretical aspect about the Android Application Development and easy to learn about the basic concepts of Android Development. It is suggested that users go through these tutorials before stating the Android programming.

Android Tutorials Section includes:
• Android Introduction
• Android Architecture or Android Software Stack
• Android Studio IDE
• Android Application Components
• Android Manifest File
• Android Activities
• Android Fragment
• Android Intent/Filters
• Android Services
• Android Resources
• Android Layouts
• Android UI Widgets
• Android Menu
• Android Broadcast Receivers
• Android Content Providers
• Android Containers
• Android Data Storage
• JSON Parsing
• Build your first App

Android Examples:
In this section, you can find various type of examples available with xml and java code. You can also see the demo directly by clicking on the play button in examples section. While developing Applications for Android users just need to copy and paste the codes in the respective files in Android Studio. All the Android examples are tried and tested in Android Studio IDE.

Additional Information:

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