Tayartaw - ASDK 1

Tayartaw - ASDK 1

Sermons of Ashin Sanda Dhika Sayadaw Pagoda Part 1
(Included under the download link. 95 Mb)

You can listen to the sermons of Ashin Sanda Dhika Sayadaw Buddha offline. Contains 10 items. We encourage you to share the Dhamma with your friends.

1. If you know how to give up, you have to give up
2. The farther the better
3. I was unlucky enough to endure it
4. It will be sharp
5. Do you have to stay far away?
6. The main thing is to do good deeds
7. Whatever you do, make it worthwhile
8. A beautiful person
9. Loyal love medicine
10. Meditate

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