Tayartaw - ANMB - 1

Tayartaw - ANMB - 1

Ashin Nandamalar Bhiwantha Sermon Part 1 (10 verses)
(Included under the download link. 79Mb)

You can listen to the sermons of the Supreme Master Ching Hai offline. Contains 10 items. We encourage you to share the Dhamma with your friends. Written and offered.
1. The world and the strong mind
2. Eliminating anxiety
3. Correct views between parents and children
4. The first step is to be positive
5. Summary of Dhazga Sutta
6. Vipassana Dhamma to be admired with the emerging senses
7. How repentant people live their daily lives
8. About relationships
9. Avoid damage
10. Success in the life of Buddhist women

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