Stay Alive (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Stay Alive (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Stay Alive is a survival themed simulation game where you can farm,craft and explore different part of the world. Get your self ready for the crafting and exploring gameplay with lots of exciting contents and gameplay.
If you prefer something a little more ‘civilized’ than blasting away, Stay Alive MOD RPG is an online, pocket sized, fantasy survival RPG. The combat in this stick-man fighting game is fast paced, with clean controls that allow for precision monster dismemberment.

A free multiplayer MMORPG game, with in an unknown place which is an integral part of the survival strategy. The crowded shooter with different enemies like zombies and huge bosses.
Include your tactics and strategic thinking-not only can you survive, but the missions to be carried out will guide you through an exciting storyline.

During the competition, you will:
-Go hunting
-Explore the undeveloped islands of the archipelago
-Extract resources
-Research and development technology
-Craft weapons and tools
-Protect yourself from aggressive animals on the island
-Overcome aboriginals and zombies
-Carry out missions and side missions

Additional Information:

App Name Info
Current Version: 0.5
App Size: 72.7MB