Panda Helper is the number-one third-party app installer in the world, the best source of unofficial modified apps and games, plus loads of other content. Moreover, it’s all for free without needing to jailbreak first; anyone can use it, and it’s super-easy to download and use.
How to Download Panda Helper
Take your pick – Panda Helper comes in a free version and a VIP paid version a well as being supported on Android:

Method 1: Free
From Safari browser, go to the Panda Helper download page and tap Download.
Tap Install on the Profiles page.
On your home screen, you should see an Installation indicator – if it says, “Waiting” tap to start the installation.
The app icon will show on your homepage once the installation is complete.

Method 2: Premium VIP Version
Panda Helper VIP is the paid version of the app installer. A one-off payment gives you way more content than the free versions, along with being more reliable and stable. Moreover, it isn’t ad-supported like the free version is.

Once you have made payment and the process is done, the app is ready to use – see here for the download details.

Method 3: Android Only
This requires you to download the .apk file manually onto your device so follow these steps very carefully.

Additional Information:

App Name Info
Current Version: 1.0.8
App Size: 12.3MB