Tayartaw - ANSR 1

Tayartaw - ANSR 1

Dr. Ashin Nyanitsara (Shitagu) Sayadaw Buddha's Sermons Part 1
(Included under the download link. 104Mb)

You can listen to the sermons of Dr. Ashin Nyanitsara (Sitagu) Sayadaw offline. Contains 10 items. We encourage you to share the Dhamma with your friends. Written and offered.
1. Why the trouble?
2. Good friend and good heart
3. The end of the emperor's life
4. I'm not sure what to do
5. Do not underestimate the good
6. Battle of Athura
7. Mindfulness Dharma
8. The power of love
9. The basic reason for the fulfillment of life
10. Correct your temper

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