2nr - Darmowy Drugi Numer

2nr - Darmowy Drugi Numer


Did you know that you can have more than one phone number on your smartphone? Using the application, you can have up to 3 additional numbers on one SIM card, regardless of their operator.
To have more mobile phone numbers do not need another phone or smartphone with dual SIM option.
The second number on the SIM card you get from hand, no paperwork and no subscription. Immediately you will be able to enjoy the functionality of your phone what you know, but in the free mobile application. 😉

2NR are:
✺ free number without a new contract, registration and without SIM card
✺ Provisional numbers that you can use exposing items for auction
Other ✺ number when looking for a job
✺ additional service number or apartment for rent
✺ free phone number to avoid paying roaming
✺ anonymous number to use when you reboot your passwords and service activation
✺ special number that you use only when you need
✺ service 100% free, all you need is an Internet connection. Treat the application as a free phone komórkowy📱

What do you gain?
✓ You retain full anonymity
✓ Security - your private number does not hit the wrong hands
✓ Convenient use of the numbers of temporary and you delete them when you no longer need
✓ application that also supports SMS and MMS
✓ The dedicated voice mail and notifications - the caller can leave a message on voice mail, and the application will notify you of missed calls and received messages.
✓ The complete call history, sms / mms - you can either keep or delete the choice is yours!
✓ Free contact invitation sent as SMS
✓ The possibility to send a missed call to remind the person who was supposed to contact you
✓ own configuration reserved numbers (name, color availability at selected dates and hours) 👌

Do you want to learn more? Visit our website https://2nr.pl/ Maybe you can find your own idea to use application that provides at least two numbers on the SIM card?

Additional Information:

App Name Info
Current Version: 1.0.35.x64
App Size: 8.34MB