Blokada Slim Adblock - No Ads [Unlocked]

Blokada Slim Adblock - No Ads [Unlocked]

This is the only official app on Play Store from the Blokada open source project. Beware of clones, they may contain malicious code.
Blokada Slim Adblock is a free app that uses DNS (Domain Name System) servers to enable you to have an ad free browsing experience to see only the content you want.

There is also a built in VPN that is optional to use.
The website of the project is: The version from the website has more features and is also free.
Join us on our Telegram chat if you have questions or feedback:

Best features:
- NO root permissions required!
- Supports every web browser and adblock everything in.
- DNS based interception (VPN mode) for all modern browsers.
- Blocks sites that distribute malicious content, viruses and fraudulent websites.

The most compatible ad blocker on the market!
• ❎ Blocks ads
• 💰 Saves your data plan
• 🛵 Browse FASTER by loading less data
• 🔋 Increase battery life

What can be blocked using the full version of this app (also free)?
• Blocks annoying ads: Google AdWords, Google Invite Media, DoubleClick Bid Manager, Liftoff, Bing Ads, Amazon, etc
• Blocks adult websites
• Blocks gambling websites
• Blocks social media trackers: Google Analytics, Facebook Connect, DoubleClick, Google Publisher Tags, Google AdSense, Twitter Button, Yandex.Metrix, Comscore
• Blocks malicious websites: Virus downloads, malicious content, fraudulent websites and manipulated Android apps
• Plus Adblock Android App.

Additional Information:

App Name Info
Current Version: 4.7.3
App Size: 11.8MB