Artwalls – Minimal & AMOLED Wallpapers (Pro)

Artwalls – Minimal & AMOLED Wallpapers (Pro)

Artwalls is all about shapes, colors, minimalism, and art. Artwalls is the best source for minimal and AMOLED wallpapers.
Artwalls is an online wallpaper app with high-quality abstract, minimal & artistic wallpapers. Each wallpaper is available in different colors so users can choose the wallpaper color palette that suits their needs the most. Most wallpapers in Artwalls are AMOLED wallpapers that are designed to save battery on devices with AMOLED screens.

• Each wallpaper available in different color palettes
• Daily new wallpapers
• All wallpapers are Artwalls exclusive wallpapers
• All wallpapers in 64005120 resolution (6K resolution) with some available in 81926554 resolution (8K resolution)
• Wallpapers from different artists
• Wallpaper changer that lets you change your wallpaper in the background every few hours without opening the app [PRO] • A large collection of AMOLED wallpapers & Minimal wallpapers
• Three different wallpaper set methods
• Different wallpaper collections with different styles
• Ability to save wallpapers in your favorites
• Ability to save wallpapers [PRO] • Ability to save the ultra quality of the wallpapers (8192*6554) [PRO] • Option to get notifications for new wallpapers
• AMOLED friendly UI to save battery while using Artwalls

Additional Information:

App Name Info
Current Version: 1.4.3
App Size: 6.53MB