Saaho-The Game [MOD MONEY]

Saaho-The Game [MOD MONEY]

Saaho-The Game - a quality runner with elements of shooter from the first person. Here the user will control a lone hero with a suit with the ability to fly. By using this device, as well as a variety of firearms it will navigate through the streets and destroy the mercenaries. The criminals took a black box and eliminate all in their path, so they should stop. Each defeated enemy will bring the user to obtain interesting bonuses and upgrades to suit the protagonist.

How To Play:
-Tilt your mobile to move
-Collect ammo from crates by flying over them
-Tapping on the screen while having your crosshair on the enemy will let you fire at the enemy
-Enemy will shoot when you get close to him. This is represented by a timer around him which will start from green and move to red
-Every weapon has unique attributes to it in-terms of capacity, range & damage
-Crashing into buildings/objects or getting shot twice by the enemy ends your run

Additional Information:

App Name Info
Current Version: 1.1
App Size: 114MB