Krystopia: Nova's Journey [Offline]

Krystopia: Nova's Journey [Offline]

After Krystopia A puzzle adventure we finally have its sequel named Krystopia Nova’s Journey APK. Its a premium Adventure story telling puzzle game just like Faraway Escape where you can visit different areas and complete puzzles in order to advance in the journey. From Smooth looking graphics to amazing mind blowing puzzles, Krystopia Novas journey is an amazing puzzler which you do not want to miss.

Krystopia Nova’s Journey APK Offline Puzzle Adventure:
There are different chapters to complete with lots of puzzles and quests to complete. You will be bombarded with lots of puzzles and scenarios while completing chapters. You can talk to NPCS, visit amazing graphically environment and progress in the story with lots of adventure. It has clean,beautiful and astonishing graphics which you will find rarely in other games.

The story revolves around NOVA who has received mysterious messege from Krystopia. Your journey starts in Krystopia and in further gameplay you will be able to find different mysteries that led to its desolate state.

A third person point and click adventure where you can talk to NPCs,complete innovative puzzles and fun gameplay. If you have played faraway games you will surely like Krystopia Nova’s Journey APK as well. Its an amazing premium offline android game.

Additional Information:

App Name Info
Current Version: 2020.7.21
App Size: 388MB