DigiHUD Pro Speedometer

DigiHUD Pro Speedometer

DigiHUD Pro Speedometer
DigiHUD Pro Speedometer is a GPS based digital heads-up display (HUD) that shows and can record useful speed and distance information for your journey. Ideal if your vehicle speedo has died, you want to verify your vehicle speed or you just need to know your speed when cycling, running, flying, sailing etc.!

Although we strive to make all readings as accurate as possiblethey are only as accurate as your device’s GPS sensor and shouldonly be regarded as approximations.

Includes all DigiHUD Speedometer features plus:
Lite Mode (speed only) – swipe the speed left
Altitude, show clock seconds
Multiple Speed Warnings – have as many as you like. Set a color,trigger speed, built-in/custom/no alert sound. Trigger on over speed/underspeed (possibly one for the pilots)
Set any background color
Profiles – create profiles for different activities or modes of transport and keep all their settings and values separate
Pins – save locations you visit. Navigate there or view them in Google Maps later
Log your routes and export to .KML, .GPX and .CSV file formats, or open in Earth if installed
Day/Night mode – choose a different color and brightness setting for day and night. Auto mode automatically switches at sunrise and sunset
Edit speed and distance values, like odometer, trip and max
Optional start/stop on power connected/disconnected
Litespeed – switch to ‘Lite mode’ when you go over a chosenspeed
Speedtouch Lock – turn off all screen touch events over a chosenspeed
Elapsed time (tap the clock to switch, and again for theclock)
Tap compass for simple compass, bearing and odometer (tap againfor classic compass)
Speed offset – adjust the displayed value by up to +/-20%
Hide unlit number segments – make those empty digits less distracting
Google Map view (swipe speed right)
Choose the number of decimal places to show for values, up to two
Speed can optionally be to one decimal place
Compatible with Samsung’s Multi-Window & LG’s Dual-WindowModes
If you have any suggestions please email the address at the bottomof this listing.

DigiHUD Pro tips:
– Tap the car icon to open Profiles
– Tap the Pin icon to save this location as a Pin. Long press to see your Pins
– Swipe the speed left or right to switch between Full, Lite andspeed/map split view
– Swipe the speed up or down to switch between HUD (mirrored) and normal displays
– Touch the trip counter to cycle through the three counters
– Long-press the speed unit to choose between MPH, KMH and KTS(also in the Menu)
– Long-pressing on a speed or trip value will reset it
– Long-press the red circle to start/stop logging
– When in window mode touch the DigiHUD Pro icon (top left of the window) for a menu to switch to the full screen app, pause, start/stop logging or exit
– All values can be reset by long-pressing “PAUSE RESET” (except Odometer reading in the Statistics popup).
– The screen will not turn off during long journeys and works in landscape or portrait mode.

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