Anywhere Key(no root)

Anywhere Key(no root)

The description of Anywhere Key(no root)
# You can sumilate these keys on software.
* Back key
* Home key
* Recent key
* Calling status bar
* Calling settings bar
* Power button (For sleep your device) You don't need to push the power button(hardware key) on your device.

This application running after Android4.1.
You don't have to get root access.
But you need to check at Accessibility service and Device administrator.
So, simulate Home key, Recent key, calling status bar and calling settings bar need to check at Accessibility service.
Power button needs to check at Device administrator.

How to uninstall:
1. Accessibility service
Settings -> Accessibility -> Anywhere Key => OFF
2. Device administrators
Settings -> Security -> Device administrators -> Anywhere Key => Unchecked


Additional Information:

App Name Info
Current Version: 1.3
App Size: 800KB