Video to mp3, mp2, aac or wav. Batch converter

Video to mp3, mp2, aac or wav. Batch converter

This App allows you to pass the videos you have on your device to
mp3, mp2, aac or wav audio format.

- Multiple videos can be selected at once for batch processing.
- Launches a notification when the compression is complete. This option is configurable in the settings.
- You can choose the bit rate and the conversion frequency. If you select the same it will remain with the same quality as in the video.
- In the file selector you can see the thumbnails of the videos.
- Converted files can be played directly without leaving the application to check their quality.
- The selected videos can be previewed quickly from the application.
- The app only takes 3.5 Mb.
- You can edit the id3 tags of the created mp3 audios.

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App Size: 60.MB