Kung Fu Attack 4 - Shadow Legends Figh MOD:Mod Money

Kung Fu Attack 4 - Shadow Legends Figh MOD:Mod Money

Kung Fu Attack 4 - Shadow Legends Fight is a revolutionary Action RPG that blends gorgeous graphics, innovative gameplay, and intense boss battles, all within the palm of your hands.

[Real Superhero Kung Fu Fight]
Multiple players are available with difference of fighting skills. You may take any of them based on your progress in the game.
Kung Fu Attack 4 - Shadow Legends Fight is a fun, excellent retro fighting action game where you can show off your special fighting styles and skills like Kung Fu, Muay Thai, karate, Kickboxing, boxing and weapons to the Street Gang. You will see how to fight hand to hand, unarmed, with your punches and kicks how to use yourself with amazing skill or lots of weapon to kill the enemies.
Upgrade your character’s Health, Punch Power, Kick Power and Weapon Technique to beat stronger enemies.

[Game Features]
It’s a best kung fu game we recommend all of the kung fu fight lovers to come and play this action game. This Kung fu game consist of unique features :
- Hack and slash your way through demons and hordes of monsters.
- Single player RPG mode lets you face the demonic horde on your own.
- This Roleplaying games with challenging boss battles that will put your skills to the test.
- PvE battles grow more intense as you venture deeper into the abyss.
- Brutal 3 vs 3 combat with massive roster of fighters.
- Engage in fast paced on-the-ring action.
- Enter the PvP battlefield to fight with real global players.
- Perfect karate kicks can be played.
- Fight more and win more coins.
- Soothing and comfortable sound.
- Free game.
- Full of action and thrill.

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