Dancing Pallbearers: Coffin dance meme game

Dancing Pallbearers: Coffin dance meme game

Give the best performance to show respect to the dead and
perform the best funeral dance ever seen!

Follow the beat and give a great show to honor the dead!:
Dancing Pallbearers is a game based on the coffin dance meme. Do the funeral dance following the rhythm or the pallbearers will drop the coffin!
Perform different dance steps but be careful! Dancing out of tune can make you drop the coffin!
Pay attention to the audience when performing the funeral dance so you entertain them and receive a better score.
Unlock new songs reaching the required score in each song.
Stay tuned, we are adding more dance steps, costumes and songs soon!

Additional Information:

App Name Info
Current Version: 1.10
App Size: 48.2MB