Daily Beauty Care – Skin, Hair, Face, Eyes [Full MOD]

Daily Beauty Care – Skin, Hair, Face, Eyes [Full MOD]

Daily Beauty Care –Skin, Hair, Face, Eyes” is an app that serves as a beauty guide for both
men and women all over the world. Here you will find plethora of natural tips that can help solve
their day to say beauty related problems like acne, pimples, puffy eyes, dandruff, alopecia, dry
hands, greying of hair etc.
You will find remedies for you’re the following problems of hair, face, skin, eyes, hands and feet

1. Problems of Face: face wrinkles, acne (pimples), fair skin, blackheads, facial hair removal, de-
tanning (removes sun burn), teeth whitening, dark lips, blemishes
2. Problems of Hair: dandruff, silky, shiny & bouncy hair, straight hair, split ends, greying hair,
hair growth (hair fall control), frizzy Hair, head lice, dry and damaged hair,
3. Problems of Skin: glowing skin, uneven skin tone, warts, stretch marks, prickly heat, body
scrubs, body polish
4. Problems of Eyes: dark circles, puffy eyes, beautiful eyes, sunken eyes, better eyebrows,
thicker and longer eyelashes
5. Problems of Hands & feet: dry & rough hands, nail growth, pink shiny nails, dark inner thighs,
dark underarms, dark private parts, cracked heels, dark hands & feet
6. Makeup Hacks: For smudge protection on your lips, For fuller lips, For larger lips (pouty lips),
For long lasting lipstick, Non-transferable peel-off Lipstick, For even coverage of mascara, To
prevent mascara marks, Makeup waterproofing, To prevent staining during nail-paint, For quick
drying of nail-paint, Winged liner, Eyelash curling, For slim straight nose using makeup

So, ‘Daily Beauty Care – Hair, Face, Skin, Eyes’ app is a one stop solution for all your daily care
and beauty related problems where you not just get more than 1000 home remedies for beauty
tips but also get diet tips and exercise plans as well.

What’s New:
1. New Methods for Waxing, Facial Hair Removal, Detanning, Silky, Shiny, Bouncy Hair, Straight Hair, Frizzy Hair, Uneven Skin Tone, Body Scrub, Body Polish etc. added.
2. Makeup Hacks also added.
3. French, Spanish and Hindi Language added

Mod Info:
Ad’s Disabled
Removed unwanted permissions
(SAP) single apk (No SAI Needed)

Additional Information:

App Name Info
Current Version: 2.0.5
App Size: 28.7MB