Don't Touch My Phone: Phone Anti-Theft Alarm

Don't Touch My Phone: Phone Anti-Theft Alarm

Don't Touch My Phone: Phone Anti-Theft Alarm
Salient Features:

⭐Anti-touch alarm (Don't touch my Phone) :
⭐Anti-Pickpocket (Thief Catcher):
⭐Charger Removal Alert ( Don't remove charger):
⭐Intruder Alert:

1. Anti-touch alarm (Don't touch my Phone):
If anyone picks your phone from the table it will buzz a loud alarm and you will be alerted.

2. Anti-Pickpocket (Thief Catcher):
When in Shopping centers or market be at ease without fearing of losing your phone. If anyone tries to remove your phone from your pocket or purse Don't touch my Phone app will detect the phone movement and a loud alarm will help you to catch the thief red handed.

3. Charger Removal Alert ( Don't remove charger):
Sometimes I have to charge my phone at public places and I have to remain alert so that no one may touch my phone or remove charger. Charger removal alert is solution to this case. As soon as someone removes phone from charging, it detects charger removal and a loud alarm will alert me.
Whenever you plug in charger, charger detector notifies you about turning on this Do not remove charger alert.

Don’t touch my phone: Anti theft Alarm has some features which makes the usage easy for all users.
PIN Code: Change PIN code according to choice. Default PIN code is 1234.
Alarm Tones: You can chose any alarm tone out of number of different alarm tones / police and emergency sirens.
Charger Alert Notification: Every time charger is connected it will notify you and ask you to activate Charger removal alert.
Intruder Selfie and phone location: You can opt in to select capture intruder selfie or secret photo and phone location and email it to you.

Additional Information:

App Name Info
Current Version: 3.32
App Size: 9.96MB