Sophie's Curse: Horror Game

Sophie's Curse: Horror Game

Sophie's Curse is an indie horror game based on the original game from PC but slightly different.
The game is fun and scary for a better experience make sure to play it in the dark with full volume.

You are a nurse and you got a small job which is to take care of an old man for just one night the house where you are working was recently purchased in fact it’s their first day in there. They purchased the house for a really good price but there was a catch… the house doesn’t have electricity the wires are very old and need to be replaced.
The individual that bought the house has been working on some kind of hand crank generators for many months and now it’s a great opportunity to test them out he set 4 devices around the house that’s all you have to rely for lighting during the night.
These devices had been pretty stable during the development but there is something in the house that’s making them unstable. No matter what don’t let them run out of power there is something hiding in the darkness!

Sophie's Curse: Horror Game / What's New in v10.0
-Fixed some bugs/errors

Additional Information:

App Name Info
Current Version: 10.0
App Size: 87.8MB