Moon Phases Pro

Moon Phases Pro

Moon Phases, shows the current Moon phase. You can see the Moon phases, day by day, the whole week, the month and see a lot of information about the current Moon phase.

Share your comments and likes with your friends and others Moon Phases. Participate in the community. Change your nickname and avatar!
Take a look at the full feature list below:

Full Features :
-Daily Phases: Shows the current phase and a complete description about the moon at this day.
-Month Phases: Shows all phases along a month.
-Moon Rise and Set, Also, Sunrise and set
–Share your comments: Share comments with other users
–Share App: Share this app with your friends througth Twitter, Facebook, IM, mail, etc
–Change nickname and avatar: Personalize your nickname and your avatar.
–Share, Like and comment Thru Facebook
–Share the Moon phase information thru Your installed apps (i.e:Mail, SMS, Twitter, etc)
-Phases for each day in the moon cicle: Now you have a diferent moon for each day in the moon life cicle
-Southern and Northern Hemisphere: Choose your Hemisphere and watch the moon face as you see in your place
-Next New Moon Date: Shows the time when is the next New Moon
-Next Full Moon Date: Shows the time when is the next FullMoon
-Moon Age: You can see how old is the moon.
-Moon Distance: The distance from Earth to the Moon
-Angle Indicator: Indicates the angle acording to the earth
-Full Percentage: Know what is the % of Full Moon (Waxing orWaning)
-Fishing Status: You can know when is the best time to gofishing
-Hunting Status: Know when is the best time to go hunting
-Haircut, Pruning and Sowing Status
-Rituals and Wishes indicator.
-More planets
-Alerts of phase changes, Notifications about BlueMoon, Eclipses,and more…
-Moon Zodiac: Indicates the the house of the current moon. Makeyour choise based on the current moon.
-Month View of Phases, Zodiac, Fishing, Hunting, Pruning, Sowing,Rituals.
-Navigates between months: Now you can move to the next or previousmonth
-Pick a day in the month view: Just click on the some day in themonth view and see the full description.
-Moon Daily Horoscope
-Available in English and Spanish

Additional Information:

App Name Info
Current Version: 6.1.9
App Size: 37.1MB