Smart Light Pro

Smart Light Pro

Smart Light Pro is the 5th set of Smart Tools®collection (LED, magnifier, mirror).
It includes 3 light tools (Smart Flashlight, Smart Magnifier and Smart Mirror).

(1) Smart Flashlight
Have you ever needed a simple and handy flashlight app? [Smart Flashlight] is the answer.
This tool has only three features with no settings and no special effects!

LED light : if your phone has LED, you can turn it on as a torch.
Screen light : you can turn your screen into a brilliant light source. It is enough to find your way in the  dark.
LED widget : you can create a flashlight widget on the homescreen.
(2) Smart Magnifier
When you want to magnify small things and words, [Smart Magnifier]is the answer, too.
This tool turns your phone into an Magnifying Glass by using camerazoom, auto-focus and LED flash.

LED light
Screen freezing
Camera zoom & Digital zoom (5x)
Rotating camera view
(3) Smart Mirror
When you want to see your face for makeup or shaving, [SmartMirror] is the answer.
This tool turns your phone into a Mirror by using front camera.

Screen freezing & Screenshot
Digital zoom (5x)
Expose(white/black) control
Effect control
Frame light
Rotate camera view

Additional Information:

App Name Info
Current Version: 2.5
App Size: 3.16MB