🔒 Rights
If this software is installed on your phone, you must have bluetooth, gps, filestorage, noti permissions requested for the first time the software is launched.

⚙️ How It Works
The device's encrypted phone will be shared with all device names (encrypt phone no) in the bluetooth area. Once encrypted data is stored, it is stored once. This shared data will be stored in your Android folder in your file storage.

☔ What are the benefits to users?
If not, then if the person who has the software has a confirmed case, the file stored on the file on their phone must be returned to the health worker or another concerned person (only done by yourself). Once the file is received, the phone number in the file will be notified via the software (for example, alerting boxes to stay at home) (for example, for those using mandatory public transport).
You will find out how many people have already met for those who are forced to go outside when it is not appropriate to go. See the news from the Ministry of Health. The Ministry of Health will hear from the Ministry of Health. We will learn about the situation in Myanmar and overseas. The laboratory results will be sent via telephone by telephone to the Department of Health's Daily Health Department.

How will it affect the Ministry of Health?
Knowing this data will help you to know how and when in what townships were associated. 
It will be very helpful to make some decisions.

Additional Information:

App Name Info
Current Version: 1.9
App Size: 9.00MB