Vaporgram Pro 🌴: Vaporwave & Glitch Photo Editor

Vaporgram Pro 🌴: Vaporwave & Glitch Photo Editor

Vaporgram Photo Editor is a powerful app for all vaporwave style lovers,
offers a lot of tools to customize your picture and make it more aesthetic.

Glitch Effects,VHS Trippy Effects & RGB Effects :
Edit your picture by applying one of the most aesthetic effects :
– Scanline ,RGB ,RGBWAVE,VaporwaveLine,Fall
– VHS, RGB, Trippy, Glitch, GB, Grainy, Fisheye
– Neon, Negative, Old TV, Pixel, Swirl, Scanline, Illusion…
– Blur glitch
– Lomo, PINK, Vignette, Natural, Warm, Dark
– Vintage photo effects take you back to 80s, 90s
– Special Lo-Fi (Low Fidelity) and 80s Retro effects
– VHS glitch filters, frame-hopping video snapshot

Texture & shaders effect :
there’s a lot of textures & shaders effect such as :
– VHS lines,scanline,glitch texture
– Fu-ji, FD Pro, Vintage and Black & White
– Random light leak filters applied
– Random light leak filters
– Date stamp
– Film dust
– filter old memory
– light leak effect
– Portrait and landscape
– Self-timer
– add the date to your photo

Glitch Effect :
Glitch effect,3D effect & RGB Effect
Adjust the thickness line, glitch lines & intensity of your glitched picture
Adjust brightness,contrast ,saturation
DuoTone Colros & Filters :

More than 100 DuoTone Colors (All colors)
More than 20 filters to enhance your picture
Adjust brightness,contrast ,saturation & vignette

Additional Information:

App Name Info
Current Version: 4.5.0
App Size: 9.56MB