SIM Card Change Notifier

SIM Card Change Notifier

Sim Card Change Notifier is a free SIM Card monitoring app. It enables mobile phone users to monitor any unwanted/unexpected changes of the SIM card.
The app will send SMS messages to the predefined/trusted phone number when a non-authorized SIM card is inserted in the mobile phone. The app also provides remote control features, such as remotely block the phone, authorize a newly inserted SIM card or reset the Show Number. The app becomes hidden in the phone menu, when configured, so other users won't have a chance to change the configurations unless they are authorized to do so.

Main features:
- Get SMS notification, when unauthorized SIM Card is inserted in the phone
- Get number of inserted SIM Card, geo-location and approximate address of your phone
- Control the phone remotely by blocking the phone, or authorizing newly inserted SIM Card
- App allows to have up to 3 authorized SIM cards, including support for Dual Sim Phones
- Lots of configurations (timing, passcodes, etc.) to customize the app based on your preferences.
When location is available, SMS message containing phone's coordinates and address will be sent to the “Trusted Number”.

Starting from v3.1.0 new feature is available to RESET the “Show Number” remotely.
The owner of the “Trusted Number”, can remotely reset the “Show Number” by sending SMS with text “sccn_reset_show_number” to the Authorized number.
This command will reset the “Show Number” to its default: ###7226. Dial this number and the application will append in applications. After you can make corresponding changes in configurations.

1.The application works only on GSM phones with SIM cards.
2.Depending on device settings, GPS availability, and GSM provider settings, GPS coordinates and SIM card's number may not be available in the sent SMS.
3.The application is optimized for dual SIM card mobile phones.
4.This app uses the Device Administrator permission.

Additional Information:

App Name Info
Current Version: 3.2.4
App Size: 2.49MB