Logo Remover For Video

Logo Remover For Video

If you want to get rid of any logo or watermark in any official video, you can do so using this application. With the help of this app, you can completely blur the logo or any water mark on the video. The app works fine on all video formats.
Steps to use the app:
-- Select the video from which you want to remove the logo or water mark.
-- Select the portion of the video with the help of selection box which appears on the selected video.
-- Apply the setting and video with blur logo will be ready for you to use.

The app does not removes the logo but it will blur the selected portion of the video so that you cannot see the clear logo on the video. After applying this video effects of removing the logo, you can use any official video anywhere on social media without the fear of copyright issues.

Additional Information:

App Name Info
Current Version: 1.4
App Size: 50.3MB